INTERVIEW WITH ARTIST> Enrique Toribio (Spain)



1.) Who are you and where do you live?
ENRIQUE TORIBIO ….I was born in Madrid and I live and work in this town which I love.

2.) What did you do before you decided to become an artist?
Before I decided to have a love relation with photography I had some affair with other artistic activities like drawing or fashion design…. I also was doing theater costumes some some years.

3.) When and why did you decide you devote to the art?
Came a time when I get tired of the needle and thread and all those images and colors….all those characters….needed to be taken out of my head in a new way …in a different way.

4.) What is your favoriteSubject (s) and design media?
My favorite subjects are face, skin and body and all the ways to communicate feelings and emotions through them. Normally I announce my new works through social networks…is fast and very effective….
I usually use my facebook profile because I get an immediate worldwide response.

5.) Where or how to find inspiration?
Usually I try to find the necessary elements to compose images or ideas that pop into my head, commonly provoked by a piece of music, an emotion or a human feeling.
These elements are always human elements because I focus on expressing though the body and faces….. skin, lights and shadows.

6.) What do you like about your work?
My work I like especially that puts me in contact with the outer beauty but also with the inner beauty of people and allows me to show from my personal and subjective point of view My work allows me to fight battles between lights, shadows and colors and I try the only winner of these fights is the beauty.

7.) Which artist or art movement that has influenced you and what way?
I am very inspired by Baroque and end of Renaissance paintings, mainly Italian, Dutch and Spanish artists. I also love another aesthetics that deal with the struggle between shadow and light as the American black cinema, Italian neorealist cinema or German expressionist cinema from 30’s I enjoy a lot the sweet passion of the Romanticism portraits and elegance of the English portraitists. All these art movements had teach me how to look for light through the shadows and how to look for shadow through the lights and how to penetrate into the human faces expression.

8.) What are the best answers that you have received for your work?
I usually get a great recognition of the people who follow my work through social networks like facebook or twitter. I am very grateful for all the faithfulness of people, arts schools and magazines from many countries who are constantly expecting to see my new works.

9.) What are your favorite art and artists?
As I said before I love Baroque painters as Velazquez, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer and other masters of the light and the drawings and paintings of Albrecht Durer and other kings of the portrait.

10.) What advice would you give to other artists?
Always be faithful to what come from inside themselves because that is what will distinguish them and make them unique.

11.) Is there a question which do you imagine itself again and again?
Each day I wake up asking me if I have done everything I wanted to do and if I have communicated to others everything I wanted.



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