1.) Who are you and where at do you live?
My name is Zareh. I am an artist currently living  in Glendale, California, USA.

2.) What did you do before you decided to become an artist?
I remember doing drawings when I was very young, and that desire continued in elementary and high school.
I have worked in designing jewelry, selling jewelry and other temporary short lived jobs.

3.) When and why did you decide you devote to the art?
I have never decided to become an artist, and still continue loving and expressing myself in visual art.
My devotion to art increased specially after 1986-7 when I moved to Los Angeles.
I was feeling closer art and getting more satisfaction  from it.

4.) What are your favorite subject(s) and media(s)?
Existence, struggle, pain, suffering, beauty, pleasure, happiness and many other feelings have been part of my subject.
Reactions to changes, transformation and other have been interesting for me.
I love human expressions and do portraits.
I use pencil, acrylic, oil and other media.
I have done live exhibits or performances in the public on the streets.

5.) How do you work and approach your subject?
Inspiration can be in our inner feelings about everything that our minds will be busy with or influenced from.
Any need from inside could inspire us to express ourselves, any outside influence or our reaction to things can cause for a need for expression,
If we try to concentrate and be close to our feelings then we will be there and inspiration will be part of living that moment.

6.) What do you like about your work?
Honesty, courage, sensitive moments felt by looking at them, imagination, simple looking yet subtle ways that are used,
things that remind me of myself make me feel what I am.

7.) Which artist or art movement that has influenced you and what way? 
I have seen many movements when I was reading about art history and whatever I have seen recently
have all left some things in me, but life in general and my curiosity about life to know myself and what I love have
left their influence on my art and have been in the process of creating. 

8.) What are the best responses you have had to your work?
Knowing myself, seeing my spirit in visual expressions and being loved and remembered,

9.) What are your favorite art work(s) and artist(s)?
Difficult to summarize, I love many and all which is real and close to my feelings.

10.) What advice would you give to other artists?
Be honest to your inner feelings, do not try to do things to please others if it is not you.

11.) Is there a question you ask you keep telling yourself?
Yes, “Is there a single question about this life that gives us a full meaning about it or life itself is many questions in relativity?”



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